About us

KEYCY® is not just a jogging or home wear, it’s Comfy Glamwear

A couple of years ago, ‘Key Company’ inventor and designer Linda Missoorten didn’t know what to wear when she arrived home from work. It actually became quite a problem to her. You might think that comfy clothes are perfect to relax at home. However, what do you wear when your husband might come home with a colleague to talk about a work meeting?

Always professional, stylish and comfy
Linda Missoorten thought about her clothing style a lot. ‘Is it fitting to still be in your suit when you’re at home. Or are jeans also fine?’ she asked herself. The designer wondered how you can wear comfy clothes and still look presentable when someone visits it in the evening.  Eventually she established KEYCY. Thanks to this brand you will always look professional and stylish for visitors. Yet, you will still feel comfortable at home.  A perfect combination!

Comfortable and luxurious suits
In June 2010 the Key Company presented the KEYCY collection for the very first time to their lingerie customers. Luckily, the people were very positive and enthusiastic about the products. This is why in November 2010 Key Company decided to introduce the first collection in several lingerie shops. The shops have the important task to present the collection not as ‘lounge/homewear’ or ‘pyjama’s’, but comfortable, luxurious, glitter and glim suits’. ‘Comfy Glamwear’ is perfect and presentable clothing for different circumstances. So you can wear it where and whenever you want.

Perfect clothing for all circumstances
Linda Missoorten tells that ‘Comfy Glamwear’ perfectly represents the philosophy behind the marketing- and publicity campaign of Key Company. The company wants customers to feel comfortable in every place. This is why KEYCY is a great partner for travelling far away, but also for doing the groceries, buying the paper or some products at Delhaize. You can even wear the comfortable and stylish clothes on a cold summer night on a boat.

New campaign
The Key Company likes to promote the brand. Soon the company will start a campaign called Key Cyspotted@ St. Tropez and KeyCyspotted@knokke. Alizee Poulicek will play the leading role. She is going to be the face of The Key Company, a true Belgian brand from Antwerp. It was established during economic difficult times. However, as of today the company is very successful.

The KEYCY is an abbreviation of the brand name ‘Key Company’. Another funny interpretation is ‘kissy’.  It sounds very sweet! On other hand, KEYCY is sexy, a bit mischievous, classy, luxe and accessible. You can relax in the comfort of your home, yet it’s not a pyjama, jogging or a bathrobe. This high quality and luxury brand is still very affordable.  So every woman can enjoy the KEYCY.

KEYCY: the key to success
KEYCY was established in the ‘diamond city’ of Antwerp during economical difficult times. Nowadays, the company is very successful. This is good news for you. KEYCY is your key to a successful life and happiness. And of course ‘diamonds are a girls best friend’.