Not all designs are being produced. This makes a sample extra special and unique.

These articles have all served as a sample for future collections, special presentations or assignments. These samples often miss the size and a washing label because they’re removed before the photo shoot. Because of this they’re not visible somewhere on the photo. The delivered items differ in colour, detail and model from the original models who are produced later on. This is why they sometimes look different on photos. Take this into account when you want to combine, especially when it’s about collections who are normally produced.

In general, the measurements are limited. Most of the time the samples are only available in size M.

A sample model will get several adjustments after fitting it several times. Only then the model and fit are ready to reach the market. Because of this, the size of the sample can differ from the size it’s supposed to be.

We usually mention the sizes on labels or cards who are attached to the samples, the moment we receive them.

Many sample models differ from the photos that are shown. The accessories shown in the picture can be removed for several reasons. In some cases there are none or different accessories on the photo. However, they can still be attached to the item.

Sometimes the delivered items can also differ in color, material and details from the original models who are produced later on. This also applies for the photos that are placed. Take this into account when you want to combine with the collections that are normally produced.

When purchasing the same sample items it’s still possible that they differ in colour, fit or other details.

These items don’t get a quality control because the sample articles are not made for sales. This is why it’s not possible to claim manufacturer warranty with these sample models, unlike the normal collection.

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