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Since we are (should be) in the heat of the Summer 2017, you have certainly already forgotten about the trends and the colors we will introduce this fall-winter.

After several years that “Key Cy” was one of the only brands keeping the main focus on velvet … the trend is making this Fall-Winter its grand return !

Velours is the French word for velvet, and like velvet, velour is woven by a special process with looped threads that are cut to form a pile or textured surface. What distinguishes velour from velvet is the fabric from which it is woven. While velvet is most often made of silk or (most of the time )from the synthetic fabrics nylon or acetate, velour is loosely woven of cotton ( “KeyCy” more then 82% of cotton) sometimes blended with synthetic fiber.


Velvet is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious materials available in the market. It’s not an easy material to work with , however KeyCy works with velvet for almost 8 years now with a verry nice and qualitatif result. As well as its deep rich appearance, the tactile nature of the fabric makes it feel seductive to wear.

In New york you are likely to find velvet pants and vests worn exactly as they were on the catwalk during NY Fashion Week. In Tokyo’s fashion district , Harajuku, pink haired girls are teaming velvet dolly dresses with glitter pumps. Yes for sure : Velvet has got it’s cool back !

Velvet is not really a trend that comes and goes… it’s always in the background ( dxt: Christopher Kane)

Velvet fashion has also been typically seen in eveningwear rather than daywear, but we have been seeing velvet as daywear pop up on various runways this year. So this isn’t just some trend that popped up on a whim; it’s been a long time coming, and we’re finally seeing just how beautiful it looks in a daily setting!

In their Fall-Winter 2017 collection, KeyCy is available in the “standard”-tracksuit ( also with Bomber vest always withe the KEY zipper) in the fashion colours “Kangoroo” , “Beryl Green”, “Burgundy”, “Spice Route” and “JetSet Black”. Furnitured with the famous “diamond embroderies” linked to it’s “city of birth” Antwerp these tracksuits become a real expression of the velvet’s rich and luxe look this season. Linda M. found her inspiration in the Middle East visiting “fairy tales casstles protected by tigers and dragons and by passing some time in Dubai (UEA) reflected in the “Zuma”-print.

Figuur 1 Bomber KeyCy Jet Set Black           Figuur 2 KeyCy Dragon -col. Kangoro



Figuur 3: KeyCy Zuma - Beryl Green         Figuur 4 Lotus by KeyCy-JetSet Black


KeyCy follows the velvet trend in fashion with the introduction of his “Little black sexy velvet dress”, available in limited edition in “Kangoroo”, “Jet Set Black” and “Burgundy” .


Discover the KeyCy collection in the shops and remember always what fashion means: “fashion is what makes you look comfortable (“comfy”) , confident and gorgeous”. So velvet will definetly suit you and is in fashion but remember to wear great accesoires or the pimped diamond “KeyCy’s” to make it even look … Fabulous !!!


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