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‘Key Company’ is ‘Comfy Glamwear!’

‘Key Company’ is ‘Comfy Glamwear!’

A couple of years ago, ‘Key Company’ inventor and designer Linda Missoorten didn’t know what to wear when she arrived home from work. It actually b...
KeyCy prepares for the réal summer of 2016!!

KeyCy prepares for the réal summer of 2016!!

Dear Key Cy customer, This morning we were really feeling the summer fibes! In the newspaper we’ve read that it’s going to be a great summer. A lot...


KEYCY Comfy Glamwear

Antwerp creator, Linda Missoorten’s  KEYCY label is invoked in to the world  as the solution for active and fashion conscious women, who for many utility moments often do not find the proper gear. KEYCY meets various needs such as comfort and security combined with luxurious fabrics and just that little bit of glamor and glitter that makes each of us  want to have a KEYCY in her wardrobe.


Stockletlaan 214,
2560 Duffel, Belgium

Phone +32 15 34 26 69

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